Hidden Gems of New York – Part 1

I have titled this post as Part I because there are some other “hidden gems” in The City that I intend to visit and report about when the weather changes. Meanwhile, though, there is this place that you might well just walk past without noticing its presence. This is partly because the entrance on Central Park South at Fifth Avenue is about as nondescript as a doorway to paradise can be:

The other reason to miss it may be that it is “in” the famous Plaza Hotel, opened in 1907, renovated in 2008, the “home” of Eloise, the fictional 6-year old in the Kay Thompson novel, Eloise: A book for precocious grown-ups. A short version of the extraordinary history of this property appears at http://www.fairmont.com/the-plaza-new-york/hotelhistory/.

If enter through the door pictured above, you can see the opulent lobby of the hotel through the glass door to your right. You go down the escalator to the food hall.

to find a bit of a wonderland in the middle of The City: Warning: just looking at this stuff can make you gain weight.

For caviar lovers:






Tiny Donut dippers:


















“Deli” stuff:






Other stuff:

Places to sit:






There is also a crepes bar where you can, among other things, get breakfast.

Be aware that this place is not cheap. These are not food cart pastries. But, as the photos suggest, it’s pretty fine if you are in need of something sweet. Which I always am. Just don’t miss the door.

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